Welcome to Bank House Dental Practice

Whether you are an existing patient or are new to the practice, I hope this site will inform you of the services the practice can offer.

If you have any questions feel free to telephone on 01244 326632 or email at [email protected]

Practice ethos - ‘To provide treatment in a relaxed, informed, comfortable and pain free environment’.

Bank House was established as a Dental Practice over 100 years ago and as a result we have looked after several generations of families. We have private parking available for patients during their appointments and are happy to accept new private adult patients and children on the NHS.

Why not consider tooth whitening for summer?

Teeth can be lightened (whitened) quite quickly with a few nights of wearing a bleaching tray and gel. All adult teeth darken with age,  teeth become less translucent and become more dense with age, changing the way light is reflected. Whitening treatments are most successful on such teeth. Read more →

Tooth whitening….

So what happens to teeth with time ? We don’t all have teeth of the same colour – some people’s teeth are naturally much lighter in colour than another person’s teeth. When teeth start to come through into the mouth, from the age of 6, they will be fairly light in colour…sadly as we get older, teeth become denser and… Read more →

Do you have bleeding gums?

If you have bleeding gums, then there are areas of gum inflammation which need some attention. It may mean you need to change your cleaning habits, or there may areas of gum disease which you are unaware of. We aim to help patients maintain their teeth for as long as possible through education – keeping your gums healthy. Read more →